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Houston Jump Start Service

Car Battery Died?

Leaving your car headlights running while your engine is off can drain your car in as little as an hour if you have a good battery. A car with a weak battery or alternator will last less than 20 minutes before the battery is depleted. In case your car battery has died, we advise you to not try and insist on cranking the car as this can damage your starter and cause expensive damage. We offer car jump-start services in Houston for all makes and models of cars.

Expert Jump Start Service

Jump-starting a car is generally the same for most vehicles however some vehicles require a specific method. If the car battery isn’t jump-started correctly, electronics can be damaged easily which will induce some extremely costly repairs. This applies even more to hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt and Lexus hybrid series. Having aided hundreds of customers with dead batteries, we strictly use the manufacturer’s recommended battery jump methods.

Many times after a car jump start, the car will stay on for a bit then slowly die out again. This can mean that the alternator is bad. The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery while the car is on, and if it’s not working, the car will die out while you drive it. We always make sure to stick around to ensure that it is in fact the battery so that our customers make it home safe. In case that it’s not the battery, we can tow your car to your mechanic, your home, or wherever your choose.

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