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How To Safely Push Your Car If It Breaks Down

Nothing is worse than the feeling of helplessness when your car leaves you stranded right in the middle of traffic. You’ll have drivers honk at you as if it was your fault your car broke down and is now blocking traffic. While we advise our customers to wait for professional help, sometimes it’s necessary to push the car out of the road.

How to push a car out of the road

Should you find yourself needing to push your car out of Houston traffic, start by turning on your hazards to signal oncoming traffic that your car broke down. Then you’ll need to find at least another person who is willing to help you. Once you find someone who is willing to help, decide who will be doing the pushing and who will be doing the steering. Once you have that figured out, put the car in neutral and have the pusher start pushing the vehicle.

Using the correct method

Pushing a car may sound easy but depending on the distance it can exhausting. Make sure that you push using your legs and to keep your upper body and core tight. Start of slow and slowly build up momentum. Make sure to not get too confident and start pushing with all your strength since you’ll quickly run out of strength. Never attempt to push a car uphill since one will easily be tired and there is a high chance of the car rolling backwards causing injury or even death.

Remember, even if you’re blocking traffic, sometimes it’s not safe to push a car out the way so it’s best to call expert help. We are always here for you. Give us a call at (832)707-4946

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