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What To Do If Your Vehicle Rollovers

Even though vehicle rollovers seem to happen in action movies, they happen daily all across America. reports that car rollovers account for almost 35% of passenger vehicle crash deaths.

This is why it’s important for drivers to be alert at all times and know what to do if it should happen.

What is a Rollover accident?

A car rollover accident is when a driver loses control of their vehicle, and when the vehicle turns over at least once. Rollovers vary and can throw the driver out the car, leave the driver unconscious, or worse, case death.

How can you protect yourself?

If you’re behind the wheel and start losing control of your vehicle, it’s important to act quickly. It’s advised to pull your feet away from the pedals to prevent damage to your ankles, and to pull your arms close to your chest. Once the vehicle stops rolling, try and remain calm.

If your car is still running turn off the engine as soon as you can. Depending on the severity of the rollover you might be able to get out the car so it’s time to find an exit strategy. If you are physically able to, unfasten your seatbelt and try to see if the door can open. Beware of broken glass and exposed metal which can severely cut you. If the door is stuck see if you can climb out of a window.

If none of these things are possible and you’re immobilized from injuries, remain in your position to prevent the injuries from getting worse.

If you are able to get out safe and are in need of roadside assistance or please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (832)707-4946

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